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SX130IS Video Format?

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SX130IS Video Format?
« on: 02 / February / 2011, 23:09:30 »
Aside from using this camera for taking pictures, I occasionally use it to show pictures from my computer for various reasons.  Getting the pictures to be the right size and format so that the camera would display it in Review mode was easy, but now I am trying to do the same with videos.  Using SUPER, I found that these are the specs that the camera uses for its videos:
(this is for 1280x720)
Codec ID: avc1
Codec profile: Baseline@L4.1
Bit rate: 23.3 Mbps
Frame Rate: 29.970

Codec ID: sowt (PCM Little Endian)
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
2 Channels
Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz

The same goes for 640x480 video except the video bit rate I'm pretty sure it's 6156 kbps.

When I was converting a video, I replicated all of these, but I couldn't match the bit rate, which led to the camera detecting it as an "Unidentified Image".

I know this is a pretty odd use for a camera but can anyone help me out?


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