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SD870 - Only 'touch wheel' works, sometimes...

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SD870 - Only 'touch wheel' works, sometimes...
« on: 09 / February / 2011, 02:58:16 »
First off, I'm new here and hope that I'm posting in the right place.

That being said, after battling with this issue for some time, it struck me that the CHDK community could possibly have a solution. I found the forums earlier today and have been soaking up info for hours straight (and yes in between the sidetracks, I've searched for my problem).

Canon SD870 IS
Firmware: GM1.00C
CHDK version: 0.9.9-874

I first used CHDK about a year ago. I've only been able to try out two time lapse scripts because of my frustration with the camera itself. When things are working, I LOVE it and what it can now do with CHDK.

The issue: The main problem comes when I can't press the Left button on the Control Dial (Left = focus control). I press down on the button and nothing happens. I can lightly touch Left and the Touch aspect of the dial works (digital wheel gets bigger) but hard pressing it does not. This happens both in and out of <alt> mode.

Also, when this happens, it seems that the Func./Set (center) button stops working as well.
Also also, sometimes there's issues with the camera powering on.

-Like I said sometimes it decides to work, sometimes it doesn't. Seems totally random.
-When it is acting up, I've tried unlocking the card, using another card without CHDK on it, taking the battery out, etc., but the issue remains.
-For the power issue, I always remove the battery and pray that it'll work when I put it back in and close the battery door, but again, this seems random as well and decides to turn on when it wants to.

As you can imagine, not being able to press the left button can be a real pain when trying to play with and tweak script parameters.

While searching the forums, I followed a few posts to this one here:,1966.0.html

Looks like someone figured out how to work around the touch wheel. Now I have no idea how to modify this, so advice/help would be much appreciated. I'm thinking that the best solution to my problem would be to make it so that the touch wheel would work as a button press, allowing me to go left/right/up/down. Is this possible? I understand that this action would be a bit 'touchy' (no pun), but if I could get response from the control dial every time that would be soooo nice! I also understand that a wheel isn't as simple as four individual buttons are as far as code goes, so that's where I'm wondering if this is possible.

Anyway, thanks for the join and any input would be greatly appreciated!


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