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ISO overwrite on new Cameras does not work with current source

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ISO overwrite on new Cameras does not work with current source
« on: 05 / February / 2011, 09:46:21 »
Seem Problem have the series from Ixus 300 HS and sister cameras and newer.

this camera allow the set of ISO value direct.I dont know what Sense  SV_MARKET, SV, DELTA_SV have.Maybe somebody with more knownledge can explain that.

I remove the set of this values complete and get ISO overwrite partly working.

 _SetPropertyCase(PROPCASE_ISO_MODE, &svm96_base, sizeof(svm96_base));

I set overwrite ISO to 2 and ISo value Factor to 100 in chdk menu and OSD show ISO 200.

but when i use svm96_base the value of this var is 480(see in prop 149 display) and when i press shoot half, ISO value 500 is show on Canon ISO value view.Image is correct exposure and in exif is ISO store too as 500.

so what variable i should use that is the correct ISO, and wy there are variables that show other ISO as the correct 200 i set ?

and what sv96 mean and all this diffrent ISO values that are set to the Camera ?

read also below the source.

Code: [Select]
void shooting_set_sv96(short sv96, short is_now){
  short dsv96=0, iso_mode=shooting_get_canon_iso_mode();
if ((mode_get()&MODE_MASK) != MODE_PLAY){
  if (is_now)  {
    if (iso_mode<50) dsv96 =sv96-shooting_get_base_sv96();
    else if (sv96_base) dsv96=sv96-sv96_base;
else if (sv96_base_tmp) dsv96=sv96-sv96_base_tmp;
sv96_base_tmp= (short)((shooting_get_svm96_base()*shooting_get_sv96())/shooting_get_svm96());
    while ((shooting_is_flash_ready()!=1) || (focus_busy));
    short svm96_base =shooting_get_svm96_base();
-      if (iso_mode>=50) shooting_set_iso_mode(0);
+    _SetPropertyCase(PROPCASE_ISO_MODE, &svm96_base, sizeof(svm96_base));
-    _SetPropertyCase(PROPCASE_SV_MARKET, &svm96_base, sizeof(svm96_base));
-    _SetPropertyCase(PROPCASE_SV, &sv96, sizeof(sv96));
-    _SetPropertyCase(PROPCASE_DELTA_SV, &dsv96, sizeof(dsv96));

I see the overwrite do only work after 2. shutter half press.this i solve by add a set shooting parameter 1 subroutine call before in capt_seq.c of Ixus 1000 Firmware.

what problems can get i dont know, need test more.
here i add in the IX1000 before current call.

I see on other sources place is same as old, but for correct work, i think need too set before on new Camera.

Code: [Select]
+        "BL      shooting_expo_param_override\n"  // +
        "BL      sub_FF883D88\n"
        "BL      shooting_expo_param_override\n"  // +
                 "BL      sub_FF880F24\n"
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