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Timelapse, power & the Ixus 100 IS

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Timelapse, power & the Ixus 100 IS
« on: 08 / February / 2011, 13:01:14 »

I just got my hands on a Ixus 100 IS and ofcourse installed CHDK.
I've used the "Minimalistic Intervalometer" script to make timelapsed pictures.
After 2,5 hours the battery is empty. I've disabled the "display" setting.

Is there a way to make the camera in these setting less power-consuming?
For example the camera focusses before every picture. Also the preview shows before taking a picture.
Is there a way to disable this?

Is it possible to attach external power to the Ixus 100?

Re: Timelapse, power & the Ixus 100 IS
« Reply #1 on: 08 / February / 2011, 15:14:31 »
You can get an external power module for the Canon Powershot IXUS 100. It is called the Canon ACK-DC10 AC Adapter.

B & H Photo sells them.

Amazon also sells them.

At first I tried buying a clone of the ACK-DC10 off ebay and the build quality was very low. I guess the old statement that you get what you pay for always applies.

This is a photo of what the ACK-DC10 AC Adapter looks like.  It consists of a dummy battery shaped module that fits in your camera and an AC wall power supply. There is a rubber flap on the battery door hatch of the camera that a barrel style connector plugs into the dummy battery module.

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