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Recommended camera for chdk

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Recommended camera for chdk
« on: 17 / February / 2011, 01:44:17 »
I currently have a canon powershot a560. I am planning to get another camera (mainly for image stabilization).

I am mainly looking to get better image quality. For the powershot a560, there is a sharpness issue where just like a vignette darkens the corners, the a560 has a problem where the corners are not very sharp.

Example photo (took a picture of my screen while displaying a image of monochromatic noise

If you look at the center of the image you will see that it is sharp but as you move to the sides and corners, you lose sharpness.

tinypic limits me to 1600x1200 but it still shows how thew image losses sharpness as you go to the corners

I would like to know if there any other cameras in the $150 range that have less of this sharpness problem.

I have checked dprevieww, and most of the cameras supported by chdk are not listed and other reviews don't have perform sharpness and noise test like dpreview.


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