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Pictures are not saved

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Pictures are not saved
« on: 02 / March / 2011, 10:37:24 »
Hi everybody,

I just test CHDK on my SX110 IS, I had no problems formating my 4GB Kingston Class 4 card form FAT32 to FAT16 in oder to autoboot.

However when I load a script (Script parameters > Load script) I can change the parameters. After leaving the ALT MENU I want to start the selected script. (ALT is still shown in the bottom of the screen)

By pressing the shutter bottom the script starts but it does not take any pictures.

I've tested the road trip script (Intervalometer for recording road trips written in LUA).

I also tested the pre-installed countdown script. Set it to 5 sec and started it. The counter ticks down to 0 but the camera does not attempt to take a picture. Therefore no picture is found on the SD card.

When I'm not in the ALT mode and taking pictures everything works fine. A picture is saved but the script is not running.

Can anybody help me to fix this issue?



Just tested the ultimate timeleaps script and it does work fine.
But still I want to know why the other scripts do not work.
I want to use the Roadtrip script because it locks the focus to infinity and therefore the camera does not need to focus and use AF-light before every shot.
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