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Canon point&shoot cameras serial number format

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Canon point&shoot cameras serial number format
« on: 03 / March / 2011, 17:23:05 »
Does anybody have information about canon point&shoot (compact) cameras serial number format?
For example - 3d digit may mark region, 5th or 6th (new cameras) - "hardware" version (this digit used in officiall upgrades of firmware), all digits after - incremental number and so on. I know that canon reports that there is no format at all - but it would be very strange if it is really only random number :)

It may be very usefull in some circumstances to understand it. For example:
- may be there is some date stamp of the production (month/year)
- it may allow to compare production dates (wich camera is newer - bigger number in last digits)
- define firmware revision  (i know that there is no digit for it - but if i knew that all camera from xxxx have version "f" for example it woud be helpfull)
- part number may be (all cameras in same part have same hardware, revision and so on)


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