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Movie Mode - Focus Values (Misc values) - Not changing

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Movie Mode - Focus Values (Misc values) - Not changing
« on: 23 / February / 2008, 07:07:47 »
I have an A620. I have been using the Allbest builds (16, 31, 33, and 34) since I got my camera on Ebay at the beginning of January 2008.

I only noticed this issue with builds 33 and 34, but I tried build 16 again and it seems it is also there.

When in all the photo taking modes, the camera will happily update the Subject Distance (S), Near length (Nl), Far length (Fl), Depth of Field (DOF), and Hyperfocal (HYP) values each time that I change the focus. This is good, and I love having this extra info.

I notice, however, that in the movie mode these values do not update. When the camera boots up they all default to Infinity (Inf), and they do not change when I change the focus. The ultimate test is to set the macro mode and focus on something very close, and they still read Infinity. If I set the camera to a photo mode, focus on something, those values will change to (presumably) correct focus values, and if I change to the movie mode those values (from the photo mode) will stay no matter what I do (whether I focus something very close or something very far).

I didnt realise that this problem was happening, because I was switching back and forth from movie mode to photo modes and seeing numbers there. It wasnt until I looked more closely that I noticed that this function is not working.

The thought crossed my mind that this problem might be caused by the fact that movie mode does not have the focus square like the photos modes. But I have just tested some of the scene modes (like Panorama, and My Colors) which do not have the focusing square, but they seem to update the Focus values correctly.

I hope this feedback is useful to Allbest and the rest of you guys!

BTW. I look forward to CustomISO when it comes out!


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Re: Movie Mode - Focus Values (Misc values) - Not changing
« Reply #1 on: 23 / February / 2008, 09:42:51 »
I already reported this issue to Allbest and he replied he will fix it in the future

Also, ISO value in movie mode is wrong. If you start the camera in video mode, it will display 0, if you switch from photo mode, ISO value from photo mode will remain on display, instead of actual ISO value which can be much higher in video mode (I calculated that on A620 it can go up to about 1100)


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