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SD630 USB remote possible?

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Re: SD630 USB remote possible?
« Reply #10 on: 17 / March / 2011, 23:48:45 »
FYI for anyone reading this wondering if SDM does in fact allow the SD630 to be used with a USB remote I can confirm that indeed it does work. As for synching two SD630's I don't know but if all you're looking for is a way to use a cable remote with an SD630 this will work for you. In fact it should work right off the bat without having to load a remote script or enable remote like in "regular" CHDK. Note you may have to check "disable USB download" by going into the menu>advanced menu>serial comms> and then checking the disable USB download option. This prevents the camera from thinking it's being connected to a PC and going into "download mode".

Just thought I'd add this info for anyone like me who wasn't sure what the final answer was regarding an SD630 and a usb remote.


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