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SD600 and Remote Shutter Release

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SD600 and Remote Shutter Release
« on: 18 / April / 2010, 14:19:28 »
I have an SD600, loaded chdk, loaded remote.bas, locked the SD card to auto boot, built the cable with three AAA batteries in series and push button, Remote Enabled is on.  Camera starts with Remote Button appearing when blue dot button pushed.  But no pictures taken when pushbutton pressed.  Has anyone else gotten the USB cable remote shutter release to work with the Canon SD600.  Any ideas?

Re: SD600 and Remote Shutter Release
« Reply #1 on: 18 / April / 2010, 14:49:06 »
It does not seem to be implemented in CHDK.

If you wish, try one of these :-

No need to set any menu options, just press-and-release the switch.


Re: SD600 and Remote Shutter Release
« Reply #2 on: 22 / February / 2011, 00:22:11 »
I am also facing the same problem with SD600 as explained by jwhitney. Then i used SDM 1.84 for the SD600 it starts working.... But now i want to jump on some other camera because i need HD video.... For this i need to use IXUS 120 IS. I need know 'll CHDK work for IXUS 120 IS; its listed in CHDK support list. I need to remotely control the camera. Another thing, IXUS 120 IS is not in support list of SDM. Why CHDK is not working in SD600 despite its listed in their support list. ?????? Plz plz plz reply promptly.

Re: SD600 and Remote Shutter Release
« Reply #3 on: 24 / March / 2011, 23:34:43 »
A good indication of whether or not the remote script is working is to check the camera features page

Pay particular attention to the Min USB Volts column, if a voltage is listed then that should mean someone has gotten a USB Remote to work with that camera.

There are other cameras that have HD and work with CHDK, for example I have an SD780IS (IXUS100) and can confirm the USB remote working in SDM and the German version of CHDK (the "normal version" will hopefully be corrected soon).

As long as you know there is a CHDK version available for the camera you buy you can always get it, try it out, and take it back if its not compatible.


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