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Canon Camera's for microscope/telephoto photography

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Canon Camera's for microscope/telephoto photography
« on: 28 / March / 2011, 19:54:27 »
I have made recent developements in both microscope and Telephoto (using SLR lens) phototography.
I use microscopes daily at work and have finally found the right way to see the full view of microscope (not afocal). I use Canon A600 series camera's and with the basic afocal setup you can only see about 25% of the viewing area by setting camera on top of the existing 10x photoport lens and it sucks. >:( I have devised the proper way to attach camera's to microscope using a few components that are cheap to get thru ebay for example.
NOTE: The 52mm or 58mm size is based on thread size of your adapter tube for your camera.

Parts List.
1 set of 52mm or 58mm macro/closeup lenses (10x,+4,+2,+1) approx $13US ebay.
1 set of 3 closeup lenses for rings only (remove the lenses) same as above.
1 52/58mm to 37mm step down ring. $6US
1 37mm to 30.5mm step down ring. $6US
1 2in long aluminum tube approx 28mm I.D/31mm O.D. $?

Assembly Procedure

1. grind 1 end of tube and attach the 37 to 30.5 ring to end for secure tight fit and make it flush on the inside.
you can also drill hole in side of tube by other end for a thumb screw to secure tube to scope to prevent camera from swiveling when you shoot.
2. Attach the second ring to the first ring. Leaving you with 52mm or 58mm thread ready for your lenses and spacers in the following order.
3. (spacer)(10xmacro)(spacer)(spacer)(+4closeup)(+2closeup)(+1closeup)(adapter tube)(camera)
I know normally you don't stack the closeup lenses in this order on camera but in this case it's works to match camera to focal length required.
4.focus your scope thru eyepiece first then set camera to 4x zoom and use focus ring for tube to match the camera.
5. you will have to adjust ISO. AWB etc to match what you see.

This setup has been tested on a amscope with 20mm field of view and got 17mm with 4x on camera. At 3x you get 20mm but have black edge.

I will add to this post later about using a (SLR) super telephoto Lens on my A650IS and shot the moon with 800mm lens and i could see the craters Using my unique assembly including some of above parts and more. I am going to check out long shots with CHDK usb remote next for better shots.
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Re: Canon Camera's for microscope/telephoto photography
« Reply #1 on: 30 / March / 2011, 04:59:32 »
Hello and welcome.

Is it possinle to post a photo of the adapter ?

I have made such adapters for the telephoto lens from an SLR.
You have to be careful of loss of contrast due to scattered light.

I am surprised the afocal method did not work with a zoomed lens.
I use such a method (with two cameras) on a stereo microscope.



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Re: Canon Camera's for microscope/telephoto photography
« Reply #2 on: 30 / March / 2011, 08:41:06 »
I will post photo of SLR adapter once i figure exact matching correctly i am still running some tests. As far as SLR mount to scope is concerned my current setup is way too strong with a mag of 8x normal 10x or 80x thru camera. Out of 40mm field of view only sees 5mm. The above posted adapter is direct from camera to photo tube. No photo tube lens is required and if you attempt to use one it won't work. Here's picture of non-SLR microscope adapter fully assembled with camera adapter for now. 8)
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