Canon A480 Star Photography

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    Canon A480 Star Photography
    « on: 28 / March / 2011, 09:47:49 »
    Hi folks,

    I bought a Canon A480 because I heard about CHDK and how it could modify the camera to perform long exposures. I have CHDK installed correctly, and can access the menu options.

    I want to take a single image using a 30 second exposure. Have I got the menu settings correct?

    Disable Overrides [ Off]
    Include AutoIso & Bracketing [ x ]
    Override shutter speed  [30]
    Value factor          [1]
    Shutterspeed enum type  [Factor]

    It seems to be ok with the settings above.  I also have the camera set to 15 seconds using its Long exposure night scene (not sure if this has to be set). I then switch to P mode and change ISO to what I think will work well with star photography (for low noise etc). Do I need to change anything?

    what does this option really do

    Include AutoIso & Bracketi [ x ]

    Does it just pick the cameras settings?

    Many thanks  :D

    Sorry, im an idiot - I have posted this in the wrong section!  :'(
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