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Thanks CHDK folks

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Thanks CHDK folks
« on: 30 / March / 2011, 16:38:04 »
I started using CHDK a month or so ago and I'm still finding new things that it lets me do with my trusty G9.

I wanted to drop a quick post to say a huge thanks to everyone who's developed the tools and contributed to all the useful threads on here. I've trawled through loads and found answers to pretty much all the questions I've had so far: thanks everyone.

I've just put a blog post up showing where I've got to so far that includes tech details of the settings I used:

Now all I need to figure next is a better/longer power supply for the G9 and get to grips with using >2gb cards. I might even dust off some BASIC skills and see what I can add/cobble together.



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Re: Thanks CHDK folks
« Reply #1 on: 30 / March / 2011, 17:25:18 »
Bonjour leeirvine,

You're right. CHDK developpers are wonderfully and amazingly gifted. I am thankfully in depth.

I use CHDK shell to recompile CHDK source code. Amazingly simple ! Now, my A650is is as better as G9.

I saw you do some panoramic photos and timelap videos. They are nice. I am used to supply power with an adapter and fill my 16 GB SD card. I use Ubuntu VirtualBox to partition and to automatically mount and read data files. I use Autopano pro to produce panoramic photos. I am programming scripts in Lua instead of basic. It seams to be faster (but I don't know why)

I made a little script to produce HDR panoramic photos. I only have to count shots and to move the cam.

Well, I like CHDK. Thanks again to developpers and "maintainers".


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