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Visual Odometry Mapping, or expanding scripting possibilities

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Hi all! If it was easy to get stunned  :o  with CHDK and other digital resources growing exponentially everywhere, I have one suggestion: Visual Odometry Mapping. Youtube-it and check, i.e.

Recent contributions use Kinetec (as described in the link above), but it is also available with a single handheld camera (here comes our lovely CHDK). So that, could it be implemented somehow like a "motion detection" script, or at least with possibility to get later the mapping or the tracking in post processing?

I have no idea about computing  :blink: , but in case you think it may work, I will help as best I could in every topic for dummies  :lol.

Anyway thank you so much for your work developing CHDK

Re: Visual Odometry Mapping, or expanding scripting possibilities
« Reply #1 on: 16 / June / 2011, 14:39:15 »
the idea is good, it would practically permit you to take 3d pictures (or more correctly, to generate 3d models on-the-fly). the problem is that while kinect actually tracks 3d, your camera can only see 2d. this does not only increase the time needed for registration of points but also diminishes the success rate by a fair amount. not to say anything about the incredible amount of data that needs to be analysed at every step. all in all, it would be the same as if you'd take a video (or produce a panorama-like coverage) and then crunch it on a computer

for further info:

you're welcome :)


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