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S2IS scripts

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S2IS scripts
« on: 27 / February / 2008, 15:05:45 »
Hi, I'm the oldest newbie in town :haha and I'm not convinced that I can even use the message icons correctly.  ;) I have discovered the world of CHDK only three days ago and it offered a lot of interesting uses.  I am hard pressed to think how many hours I have passed trying to get to grips with it.  Managed to download AllBest's build 34 for S2IS 100g (for 100i) firmware and taken RAW photo's (negs?) :blink:  Eventually found how to get scripts and where to put them, copy text from Script forum and create .bas files.  None of them work except for the Long Exposure Intervalometer  but I'm struggling to work out its exact use.:(
So my questions are:
Have I missed something? Is there a logical sequence to be followed so that someone can learn how to use scripts (with the merest morsel of  previous exposure to BASIC 30+ years ago) without going mad jumping from Wiki to Forum, different place on Wiki then to Forum, etc.  A logical layout of this information is what I am looking for from logical programmers :o
If I am incapable of modifying scripts myself (yes I think so :'() where can I find, if it exists, the right scripts for my S2IS for lightning/motion detection for video (is that possible yet :xmas) and photo , timelapse photos-video with CHDK for Dummies explanation.
Thanking anyone for their helpful replies in anticipation. :)
Oh, and if this is in the wrong place please accept my apologies but its 2am and I can't work out where it should be. :P
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Re: S2IS scripts
« Reply #1 on: 27 / February / 2008, 15:50:41 »
Hello creg, welcome to the forum.

If you are copying the scripts from the forum, may be they are unfinished versions. Have you tried the standard ones?
UBASIC/Scripts - CHDK Wiki

If a script doesn't work for your camera (which is weird because in my S3 most of them work and it's pretty similar to your S2), you can adapt them yourself. Here is a tutorial.
UBASIC/TutorialScratchpad - CHDK Wiki

Don't worry if you have little experience with uBASIC. In time you'll find yourself writing your own scripts.
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Re: S2IS scripts
« Reply #2 on: 27 / February / 2008, 21:46:42 »
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Re: S2IS scripts
« Reply #3 on: 01 / March / 2008, 01:08:33 »
Thanks for the replies :).  I will try out your suggestions.

Re: S2IS scripts
« Reply #4 on: 04 / March / 2008, 11:09:01 »
Hi creg,

I found the following script in the following thread:
Btw, thanks everyone there for sharing your knowledge!

Motion Detection too slow?

Code: [Select]
@title MD LightningB2
@param a Cols
@default a 7
@param b Rows
@default b 5
@param c Threshold (0-255)
@default c 10
@param d Compare Interval (ms)
@default d 0
@param e Trigger Delay (0.1 s)
@default e 0
@param f Pix-Step(speed/accuracy adj)
@default f 6
@param g Direct Shoot (0=N 1=Y)
@default g 1
@param h Measure Mode(1-Y 0-U 2-V)
@default h 1
@param i Masking (0=No 1=Incl 2=Excl)
@default i 0
@param j Incl/Excl Cols & Rows
@default j 0
if j>a/2 then j=a/2
if j>b/2 then j=b/2
if j<0 then j=0
print " compare interval",d
print " trigger delay   ",e
print " direct shoot    ",g
while 1
  press "shoot_half"
rem use get_prop 205 for DigicII 206 for DigicIII
    get_prop 205 p
  until p=1
  md_detect_motion a, b, h, k, d, c, 1, t, i, j+1, j+1, a-j, b-j, g, f, e
  if g=0 then click "shoot_full"
rem the next loop is endless if AE lock is activated, use 205 for DigiII
    get_prop 205 p
  until p<>1

I have an S2IS, too, and it's only the 2nd day I've been playing with this script, and only about 3-4 days since I installed CHDK.  There are other scripts in the "Motion Detection too slow?" thread that may work, so keep experimenting!
Since there's no lightning storms, I was testing the script using a program that I found in the aforementioned thread, too. "jonnythe" is the author, and here's the link to the post:
Motion Detection too slow?

Good luck!


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