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CHDK on S5-is

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CHDK on S5-is
« on: 16 / April / 2011, 05:21:43 »
I just installed CHDK on my canon S5-IS.
Well, it works.. but I dont really understand how to operate it..
I took a RAW shot and it saved as a .CRW file.
I read that photoshop CS5 can open it, but I tryed and it doesn't...
What should I do?

And anorher question..
I just formated the SD card using "card tricks"..
I didn't check my cam firmware version before I downloaded a CHDK version and unzipped it to the SD card. but it works on my cam.. so every thing is good?
I just followed guides on youtube, and they didn't check either.. but at the main video of CHDK it says to check by puting in a text file or something...

I looked for answers here but I couldn't find..

I dont know what I am doing, CHDK works, but I am lost.
Please help me guys,


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Re: CHDK on S5-is
« Reply #1 on: 19 / April / 2011, 07:11:41 »
Hello & welcome, MaoR !

I suggest start reading a bit in the CHDK wikia:

* main page
* Downloads & about firmware versions
* CHDK user manual

CHDK RAW files are just dumps of the direct sensor data, you may either use a software with CHDK-RAW support (e.g. RawTherapee, GIMP with the UFRAW plugin or some other CDRAW based imaging apps) or you may use the DNG format instead: -->


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