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CHDK for Canon's S95 - Newbie

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Re: CHDK for Canon's S95 - Newbie
« Reply #50 on: 04 / May / 2011, 16:15:22 »
I read about them on the link you put in your post - the writer of that article suggests only using tried and tested script so you know others have used it without issues.  When I click on the other link and find my S95 download, it's called "BETA".  Does this mean that it's still being trialed or can anyone confirm that it is ok to put on my card and use?
Beta usually means
- the port is new
- there may be some features untested or not fully working.

These are not exactly defined. There is no set testing process, and CHDK developers have to rely on users reports about how each port works, since we don't have every camera.

So in general, beta means that *if* there ware a serious problem, it would be more likely to not be found yet. If anyone knew of a problem that damaged the camera, we would take it off the autobuild immediately.

If you want know what has been tested and what issues have been found, I suggest reading the wiki page for that model:  and the development thread:,5641.msg54754.html#msg54754 (you might want to start at the end of the development thread and go backwards)

FWIW, no one has ever proven that CHDK caused permanent damage to a camera. There are a handful of unproven suspect cases ( )
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