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raw page on wiki

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raw page on wiki
« on: 25 / April / 2011, 01:43:03 »
After answering a "why can't I open raw" question for the Nth time, I decided it was time for CHDK wiki to have a dedicated page about raw shooting and processing. It's at http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Raw

Contributions are welcome!

Right now it's almost all just a cut and paste of what was in the FAQ ( http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ#Q._I.27ve_shot_some_RAW_pictures._How_do_I_process_them.3F )

I replaced the FAQ entry with a much briefer summary and links.

It would be nice to have something fairly complete and to the point for all those who are confused about raw. Summarizing the important information from the stickies in this forum would be a good start.

Please feel free to delete chatty/historical stuff. Users trying to find out how to open a raw don't need to know that a 2008 version of dcraw supported a particular camera.
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Re: raw page on wiki
« Reply #1 on: 25 / April / 2011, 04:30:47 »
After answering a "why can't I open raw" question for the Nth time,
:D  8)

Re: raw page on wiki
« Reply #2 on: 20 / May / 2011, 07:23:30 »
thanks for the wiki, i still miss a easy way how i can easy correct lens distortion.I think a program can do it automatic, when read the mm size in exif in DNG file, the converter program can choose the correct setting automatic

I see for adobe is a Lens profile creater for free here.Have somebody test that ?


I have no photoshop, i see photoshop elements 9 is at a good price, but miss gradient curves.
So i want wait to buy until it have such a important feature.

But now i download a 30 day testversion of adobe elements 9 and the camera raw 6.1 that is attached with it produce much better RAW as silkypix free do it, or RAW therapie.sharpen and denoise of Camera raw is much better.

But Problem is, when i open the DNG, there is always lots lens correction done.too much for my Camera and i see no Option to change that.The lens correction is always same no diffrence what mm the picture use.My camera have values from 6 to 63 mm

seem it is better to do sharpen and denoise with the bayer data before convert to RGB.

the most important on Camera RAW is to get the settings for sharpness and denoise.

I use for Ixus 1000 HS this settings for ISO 125

sharpen 35
Radius 1.2
Details 70
mask 25

Luminanz 20
Color 20

other ISO i have not test, because i dont know if i stay on this software

I find a good sharpen tool, that enhance sharpen more but not increase noise,

its topaz detail

You can test topaz detail without key in the preview, if you want use the image in photoshop, you can order a 30 day testkey per E-Mail

I find that when reduce Large Boost (i guess this are lower frequency detail) make hair, grass and tree look much better if your picture is used in 70- 100% View.It not increase noise.

My settings are
Small Detail 0.10
Small Boost 0.01
Medium Detail 0.10
Medium Boost -0.10
Large Detail 0.22
Large Boost -0.56

topaz detail is good for jpg too with same settings, it reduce the Canon oversharp and let pictures look lots better too when 50-100% view is choose.

I guess camera developer use lot low frequent sharpen, because it make the picture look better in 33% view which is mostly the case if you not crop a 10 megapixel image to show it on Monitor.

when you know your picture is only show in 33% then you need large boost set to values >0 to get better sharp
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Ixus 1000 HS


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