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In-cam sharpening color space

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In-cam sharpening color space
« on: 07 / March / 2011, 14:43:37 »
This is about a camera-phone shot I'm trying to improve. So a far fair amount of apparent detail is had from an EDI resizer and deconvolution sharpening. An issue arises from deconvolution accenting haloing from in-camera sharpening. I got the idea to use a mask based on an edge detection effect to leave susceptible areas unprocessed. I'd expect being selective with the color space for the mask based on the original sharpening process will create a better end result. Could this be HSL, YPbPr or something else?

If my rambly paragraph isn't clear the question is: What color space has likely been used in a camera-phone for sharpening?
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Re: In-cam sharpening color space
« Reply #1 on: 18 / April / 2011, 12:32:49 »
I don't know about a phone camera, but I think the Canon Powershots use YUV colorspace for sharpening and smoothing.  This way they can sharpen just the Y (grayscale) component and smooth just the UV (color) components.



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