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Developing a Windows 'assistant' program for CHDK

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Developing a Windows 'assistant' program for CHDK
« on: 01 / May / 2011, 10:53:08 »
Hi guys,

My first post and it's not quite like the average first post  :o

First off, I would like to join the ranks of all those who want to thank the CHDK developers and beta testers for all the effort into creating a truly usefull project. I don't think that my abilities allow me to help in developing CHDK but maybe I can help in another way.......

I am currently developing an assistant program to help me get to grips with as many of the CHDK features as I can.

Why ? you may ask. The answer is pretty simple - I hate reading manuals on screen and printing them can use a whole lot of paper and ink plus the pages get lost and damaged. As I learn how to use a new feature, I create a text file with hints that will remind me of how to utilise that feature and can then read it in camera.

However, before you can create a hint file for the camera, you need to know how to use that feature. For those that are experienced with CHDK, this is not a problem BUT for those like me who are new to CHDK, getting to grips with some of the features takes some trial and error. This program is intended to try and assist the user with these settings / parameters. And hopefully help the user to better understand how the settings were achieved.

All the content in the program will have originated from the manual and from the Wiki and forum pages so all appropriate acknowledgements will be included.

I am going to try and cover everything in the user manual and hopefully, stick in some routines which will work out the settings required for features like Aperture / shutter speed / ISO overrides etc.

I have only just started and completed the installing CHDK using Cardtricks instructions (I have blatantly just copied all the text and graphics from the Wiki - with appropriate acknowledgements). If there is any objection to my using this info then please let me know and I will replace with my own work.

I only program in VB6 on a Win XP setup so porting to operating systems other than Windows is beyond my scope. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in something like this and would like to maybe try it out or just see what it does / looks like.

Like I said, I have only mimmicked the card tricks instructions so far but will be working on other sections as time allows.


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