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Help me choose a cheap camera

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Help me choose a cheap camera
« on: 05 / May / 2011, 00:58:33 »
Hi guys,
I am trying to start a childhood-dream project: a time lapse video of the view outside my window for a year.
I was already ready to go with a webcam mounted in a floodlight housing, attached to my Mac via USB.

But... then I found you, guys, and your awesome project, and you managed to make me reconsider all the rig  :D

So, as far as I understood, I would like to achieve this:
camera powered via usb (or via external AC) -> of course I can't use batteries for a 365 days project
My mac connected to the camera via usb
Camera runs a script that takes the picture (maybe even HDR...) and "opens up" the usb for file transfer, and waits 10 seconds or so, while the Mac gets the picture
Camera then deletes the picture.

Am I right so far? How would you do it?

And now the main question: which camera should I use?
I'm on a budget so I was thinking about a used camera (where to buy them online?) below 100$, even if i can spend up to 150$ if needed.
Also consider that the camera will be outside in the harsh weather of NYC..

So, enlighten me!


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