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Interval shooting without closing shutter?

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Re: Interval shooting without closing shutter?
« Reply #10 on: 18 / May / 2011, 16:13:22 »
In some (or all, I wouldn't know) firmwares there exists compressed code that has been guessed to be code for loading to DSP program memory at startup. AFAIK, little has been done to investigate this.
Intriguing example:
Code: [Select]
jp52_firmware build#0014 2005/01/31 Akihiro Uehara, Satoshi Naito, Yukio ChibThis is associated with a binary blob that is clearly not ARM code. In a540, this is associated with sub_FFC79AFC

Code: [Select]
launcher.s rev-1.0 2001/07/17 author Satoshi NaitodThe .s suggests some kind of object built from assembler code, but again, clearly not ARM.

The similar blobs exist in later cameras, with less of the identifying strings.

Some (possibly) related string "JPEGICError", "JpCore.c", "JpCoreIntrHandler", "SUBCPU SIO FAILED"

I've always assumed the EngDrv* functions were related to controlling the other half of digic.
Don't forget what the H stands for.

Re: Interval shooting without closing shutter?
« Reply #11 on: 23 / May / 2011, 14:52:12 »
Fudgey, thanks for the additional explanations.  I took the time to learn that ARM is a chip which the cameras use, and then other demands took priority.  I know I'll have a lot of studying to do before I can attempt to implement this myself, and it's not clear that I'll ever find the time, but I want to say again that I appreciate the time you and reyalp took to teach me a thing or two. 


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