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ufraw-batch - cropping difficulty

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ufraw-batch - cropping difficulty
« on: 18 / May / 2011, 10:58:18 »
I have taken a sequence of long(ish) lens shots of the moon, intending to align and stack them in RegiStax under Wine on Linux.

In order to get maximum quality I use RAW, mainly to avoid JPEG compression artefacts.

UFRaw (I'm on version 0.18 under Fedora 13) handily reads the CRW files I create, and (since my lens is not so long) can crop out the "moon" part from the large black background, saving Registax from dealing with lots of empty pixels.

But I would like to crop the whole stack in batch.

ufraw-batch is meant to do exactly this, by repeating ufraw setups (in a ID file) to multiple files.

But when I do this, not only does the saved crop in the ID file not work, but the ID file is updated to have a "full size" (AKA "no") crop.

I have (for the moment) worked round this by piping ufraw-batch generating ppm into a pamcut command, but that's a bit rubbish.

Has anyone had success using ufraw-batch for cropping?



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