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Smaller script console

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Smaller script console
« on: 25 / February / 2008, 21:46:11 »
I use CHDK and remotely monitor the camera's video output.  When running a script, the console display covers much of the screen so the video is less useful.  Looking at the code, it would appear that changing the value of SCRIPT_CONSOLE_NUM_LINES would shrink the height of the script console.  Is it possible to make the height of the script console a menu parameter?  Personally, I'd like to make it 1 line high on my camera although others may want even more than 5 lines.


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Re: Smaller script console
« Reply #1 on: 27 / February / 2008, 07:11:31 »
Wouldn't it be easier to just first get your script to run the way you like it, and then
remove all 'print' & other output statements ?

just an idea of course !


Otherwise just go for it and make your own build - it's not that difficult  :D
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