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FV feature

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FV feature
« on: 22 / May / 2011, 14:43:32 »
Help! It should be an easy thing. However, I can't find the functions, interfaces and parameters in CHDK source code so some one can make the Flexible Viewing (FV) feature.
   In may circumstances, a camera has to be put in such a position, direction and/or orientation that user can't see the LCD viewer as usual, even a camera with swivel LCD viewer (e.g.G12) is applying.
   So, an FV feature is very helpful. It includes:
    1. Flipping LCD viewing image: V and H.
    2. Rotating LCD viewing image 90 degrees: CW and CCW.
  Some functions are already there, but not enough.
  FV feature will allow a user to view LCD viewer indirectly (e.g. by using a mirror and so on).


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