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Switching off display during running scripts

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Re: Switching off display during running scripts
« Reply #10 on: 27 / May / 2011, 01:52:11 »
There would have been no problem with time dependency as the smallest value is 10 secs so a script would be set to start after 12-15 sec, however
the power saving mechanism disables also the sensor & some other elctronics...
so its's not usable in this context.

Cameras with optical viewfinder have a button to turn off the screen
I knew that but thought the power saver feature does exactly the same.

Thank you for the help and the script, I'll try it soon.


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Re: Switching off display during running scripts
« Reply #11 on: 29 / May / 2011, 05:42:38 »
The display really doesn't draw much power, especially not if you disable the backlight. The real power savings of display off mode comes from powering off the sensor, relaxing focus, aperture & whatever else there might be to power off in the lens/sensor assembly and signal chain.

I'm guessing timeout actuated power saving and display button actuated display off mode aren't at all different in terms of which parts of the camera are disabled, but they differ in other ways (one of the most important ones is that in display button actuated display off the sensor and the display will be automatically powered off after each shot, which will obviously not happen with power saving timeout).

If you are determined to figure out how to enter power saving or display off mode from scripts on cameras that do not have a display button, you should probably start by searching for eventprocs to enter power saving (or even display off mode -- there's a slim chance of that feature existing in the firmware even though the particular model doesn't expose that feature in menus or buttons).

Another path could be to try and override power savings timeout from its minimum settings to an even smaller delay. With incredible luck, a r/w propcase could take care of that, otherwise firmware analysis could reveal a variable or function that sets this.


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