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Anyone using a SX200 IS

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Anyone using a SX200 IS
« on: 10 / April / 2011, 17:35:14 »

Newbie here, I have installed and am currently running CHDK on my wife's camera (SD1000) and I'm blown away by the functionality of it, the ability to shoot HDR's and motion detection is phenomenal, I no longer have to lug around my dslr's and can put a camera in my pocket and off we go.

So, question is, I want a few more mega pixels, the ability to shoot HD video, compact camera and under 300 bucks, plus give my wife her camera back. Primary interest is HDR, MD I can use her's, so anyone out there shooting with the SX200 IS? Your thought's on the camera would be greatly appreciated, or suggestions that meet the criteria.

Thanks so much,

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Re: Anyone using a SX200 IS
« Reply #1 on: 03 / June / 2011, 09:28:42 »
Hello!!! I am interested in that camera too!!! Did you buy it??? How its works with the chdk???

I want to use it to take remote shots from pc, but i know that i have to develop or wait until this is done...


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Re: Anyone using a SX200 IS
« Reply #2 on: 03 / June / 2011, 11:29:46 »
The SX200 forum may answer a lot of your questions:

Here is the SX200 page:
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