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Do grids count as scripts?

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Do grids count as scripts?
« on: 12 / June / 2011, 20:07:22 »
I made a package of simple grids for various aspect ratios (including 120 6x7 and 120 6x4.5, as well as Holga 6x6 with the corners marked). They're nothing exciting but they're my first CHDK contributions -- is this where I'd post them?


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Re: Do grids count as scripts?
« Reply #1 on: 12 / June / 2011, 20:58:20 »
There isn't really a specific place for them, but feel free to attach them to a post here.

You could also post them on the wiki. The main grids page is already big, I'd suggest putting them on your user page instead unless they are especially useful.
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Re: Do grids count as scripts?
« Reply #2 on: 13 / June / 2011, 00:06:23 »
Well, here we go then -- the Special Format Grids Package, or SFGPak for short.

The readme gives more information, but basically there's six (very simple) grids here (two of which are admittedly redundant with what's already been done), based primarily on 120 and APS film formats. The most interesting IMHO are the APS-P and 120 6x4.5 grids; the Holga grid probably won't be of much use to anyone, but it's there for people who like doing that sort of stuff in post.

They assume the 3x2 aspect ratio that the grid renderer is based on, and so look a little squashed on my A3000, but they're good enough to get the general shoot-and-protect idea across. (Incidentally, would it be possible to put in a feature request for roundrects in grid rendering? The Holga grid would look a lot better with them...)


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