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Adding new cameras, applying patches into trunk (with source code prepared)

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Here you go grand.  I added the 100d sub for the ixus55_sd450.

In the trunk now.
CHDK Developer.


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Hi GrAnd,

i've attached a svn diff for the Ixus 50 (SD400, fw 101a & 101b) against trunk 405.
It's a work from mproko, done in April '08, somewhat revised by me...

I've tested most things for fw 101b; optical zoom in video mode is working only in a script,
but most things else seems to be ok, including RAW, Bracketing & the USB remote.

Would it be possible to integrate this port into the trunk?

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Offline fe50

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Re: SD400 READY FOR TRUNK-Adding new cameras, applying patches into trunk
« Reply #32 on: 03 / June / 2008, 18:41:57 »

...and trunks go by... ???

Now the latest trunk is 408, so i have updated my diff for the SD400 1.01a & 1.01b.

Also tested:
* Video Parameters / Bitrate
* USB remote
* Optical zoom in scripts

See attachement...

Can it now be integrated in the trunk ?

Hi fe50,
i added your work to the trunk. Please check that I got it rigth! I did had some confusion when merging so I migth have something missing. It did compile in the end, but I can't test the cameras. And, great job :D you and mproko have done.
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Offline fe50

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Many THX for integration, fingalo !

I will test it this evening (i'm on the way now), but by having a short look to the t409 sources it seems to be all ok.

I will report the results then & edit the SD400 related things in the wikia, i'll post a compiled 101a version for testing here, too (can only test the 101b by myself).

Tested ok, you got it right, nothing is missing, all there !
I posted in the porting Thread, compiled binarys are available in the Autobuild by, now we have trunk 411...
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Both the A650 and A720 platform versions of kbd.c have the get_usb_power function partly commented out, like this:
Code: [Select]
int get_usb_power(int edge)
// int x;

/*if (edge)*/ return remote_key;
// x = usb_power;
// usb_power = 0;
// return x;
The effect is to make the function return 0 (if no power has been applied) or 1 (if it has), rather than returning the time (in 10ms unit) that power has been applied.
There seems no reason for this. Uncommenting the code certainly works on the a720. Could someone remove the comments please - it would make the function work the way the documentation says it should.

Two other cameras also have reduced function versions of the function (equivalent to the above, but without the comments). They are the s5 and the tx1.
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Re: Adding new cameras, applying patches into trunk (with source code prepa
« Reply #36 on: 06 / August / 2008, 04:55:15 »

I prepared a svn diff for adding support for the ixus40 sd300.
Its originally based on code from SD300 porting: I really need some help...
which i took and added new features/fixed some bugs.
My thread on that topic is here: Ixus 40 / SD300 v1.00k - beta version available :)

Could someone add it to trunk ? I hope i got all files in the diff :)


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Strange, FireFox locks up tighter than a drum when I click that link.  Had to use IE.


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The a540 mode values were completely bogus  :o

Attached patch uses the values observed on my camera.

Note that there's values added to the platfrom.h enum, for SCN_COLOR_SWAP and VIDEO_COLOR_SWAP

I also nuked the is_mode_photo() function, as it doesn't appear to exist in any other platforms or be used anywhere.

re-uploaded patch. May as well use PROPCASE_SHOOTING_MODE
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Don't forget what the H stands for.


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This probably affects all builds:

In tools/ the first line should probably be
Code: [Select]
#!/bin/bashinstead of
Code: [Select]
I really don't know what a standard sh should support, but I know Ubuntu Hardy's /bin/sh is dash and it fails on line 11 of, causing CHDK build to fail if there are any firmware dumps in place.

Before fixing this, someone using the Windows dev tools should check /bin/bash exists there.


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