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5D Development

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Re: 5D Development
« Reply #20 on: 13 / February / 2011, 11:22:48 »
I don't care about video on my 5D classic, but porting over all the other stuff like intervalometer and trap shoot would be just great.

Re: 5D Development
« Reply #21 on: 01 / April / 2011, 16:16:30 »
Hi all,

Just came across this site yesterday.  I was extremely excited when I first read about the development.  However, was a tad disappointed to read that my camera isn't supported (yet).  I'm particularly keen on the motion detection scripts for my 5D.  While I'm certainly no programmer please let me know if I can assist with progressing development for the 5D.

In the meantime, is there a body that I can purchase that is compatible with my lenses and the CHDK?

Thanks, and keep up the exciting work.

I'm a longtime 400D user (Rebel XTi) which can take any EOS lens, so it will work with any of your lenses, and there's a CHDK project well along for that camera. (Of course, the 400D doesn't have Live View either, so if motion detection is your goal, you'll have to wait for CHDK to be ported to one of the newer bodies. I'm not sure when Live View arrived on the EOS cameras, but since the 400D seems to be the only EOS with a working CHDK, it will probably be a while before we'll see motion dection on an EOS.)

If you have an XTi lying around, you can experiment with the work being done on it. They've added an intervalometer, upped the top ISO to 3200, added spot metering, expanded the adjustment range for Exposure Compensation and Bracketing by several stops, and turned the rear panel eyepiece proximity detector (designed for turning off the display) into a hand-free shutter release: just wave your hand behind the camera! Some of these features can be combined, so you can fire bracketed bursts with the intervalometer or a wave of your hand.

Its forum is here, and it has a wiki with the latest versions at:

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Re: 5D Development
« Reply #22 on: 31 / August / 2011, 08:04:42 »
If there is some way to read 5d shutter count without going to service?


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