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I don't have IDA Pro - options?

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I don't have IDA Pro - options?
« on: 28 / February / 2008, 00:00:24 »
... nor the skills to use it. Nor assembly, for that matter. But I can learn.

Ahhh, busy day around here. And with all the recent GPL discussion, maybe this is the time to ask: how much effort will it be for me to make use of non-commercial disassembly tools in CHDK development?

Because unless I download a bittorrent version and a keygen for IDA Pro, I'll never have it. I have no interest in stealing IDA Pro, but the Free version does not support ARM, as you all know. Not that I'm accusing anyone else of running a hacked version of IDA Pro... just that *I* cannot afford it, especially considering my skill as a coder doesn't justify it.

Most of GrAnd's and jeff666's and ewavr's and DataGhost's DryOS Porting posts make my head spin, but as far as I can tell, it's not very easy to disassemble and document the DryOS functions outside of IDA Pro. So what do I do?

The only tools I have are free, and right now that means a GNU/ARM toolchain, with Yagarto+Eclipse or WinARM MinGW for the dev environment, and the ARM-aware objdump for disassembly. (suggestions greatly appreciated here too!)

I am newb
  and I am stuck.  :D

If anyone's willing to make the SX100 rev1.00c work with CHDK, I'm willing to help in any way I can.
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Re: I don't have IDA Pro - options?
« Reply #1 on: 05 / March / 2008, 08:42:55 »
i also asked the same question regarding ida pro, but it seems it is the only possible working solution. even if there would be another program that can disassemble the firmwares, it would be of no (apparent) use, because the devs here already wrote all scripts and "headers/signature"  files (insert nerd slang here :D) for ida pro.


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Re: I don't have IDA Pro - options?
« Reply #2 on: 05 / March / 2008, 10:57:11 »
Well there is a possibility. obdump can be used as disassembler, with some option you can work on raw binaries (e.g. firmware dumps). But it is a very dumb dissassembler, it just dissassembles, no recognition of data and code sections.

There is also another disassembler adiss, or something like that, based on the same library. It may perform a bit better.


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Re: I don't have IDA Pro - options?
« Reply #3 on: 17 / July / 2008, 15:41:29 »
I set up some documention about useful GPL tools for disassembling here:

GPL Tools - CHDK Wiki

also look this thread:

Emulating Digicam with QEMU


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