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Unable to view photos in review mode (S90)

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Unable to view photos in review mode (S90)
« on: 01 / July / 2011, 23:19:46 »
I'm using an S90, and I've installed CHDK on a single partition 8GB SDHC card, by just copying the contents of the 1.0.1.a beta release to the card.  I run CHDK by hitting the Review/Play button, and loading the firmware at startup.  It works fine in this regard.

I'm able to use CHDK and its features, but I'm running into a problem with viewing the photos I've taken after I shut down the camera when using CHDK.  After I start up the camera again the camera only shows "No Image" and this occurs with both regular and CHDK firmwares. 


- The photos in Review mode can't be seen only after I've used CHDK.  In other words, when using CHDK, the photos I've taken during the current photo session I can see; however, after turning off the camera and turning it back on, no photos appear in review mode.  This also applies to subsequent non-CHDK sessions; they can't see any photos in Review mode.

- If I take photos in a non-CHDK session and then use CHDK, it can see those photos in the review while running CHDK.  However, after that CHDK session, no photos can be seen in Review mode.

- The photos are not actually gone; they just don't show up in the Review.  I checked if they were there on the SD card with a reader, and sure enough they were still there.

Is there anything I can do to get this to work?  I'm excited to use CHDK, but if it means I can't use the Review mode, it'll really limit its usability for me.


Re: Unable to view photos in review mode (S90)
« Reply #1 on: 19 / July / 2011, 13:27:42 »
I have the same problem on my Sx20! I noticed this problem after enabling raw (but I am not sure that it may be a cause). Suggestions? :(

Re: Unable to view photos in review mode (S90)
« Reply #2 on: 19 / July / 2011, 13:59:08 »
Well I ended up formatting the card with two partitions and making it auto-loading (I used SDM's installer which can do all the formatting for you on any sized card).  Unfortunately, there was some problem with that where the camera wouldn't turn on consistently.  It'd get to the camera splash screen (not the CHDK screen) and then promptly turn off.  After clicking the on/off or play button a second or third time it'd enter CHDK.

Well I ended up just not using CHDK as I really don't use the features as much as I thought I would.  Maybe I'll see how it works on some other cameras I have.


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