white balance (was off-topic Re: CHDK PTP interface)

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white balance (was off-topic Re: CHDK PTP interface)
« on: 02 / July / 2011, 04:38:30 »
hello @mweerder or any of the gurus
any chance of setting the white balance manually - not the modes auto, flourescent, etc...
i want to set the white balance in the custom - evaluative mode, manually. the problem is i am using the camera with a flourescent lamp setup and in the auto mode i am getting a bluish sheen to the whole frame. i can simulate button presses to go to white balance and evaluate the white balance but the problem is that the camera forgets the setting (rather the value of white) when it turns on. also on every instance of camera turning on it is not possible for me to evaluate the white balance as the subject may already be in frame and it may not be possible for me to run the white balance routine.

i know it is nothing to do with this thread - so pls indulge me


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Re: white balance (was off-topic Re: CHDK PTP interface)
« Reply #1 on: 02 / July / 2011, 15:13:16 »
This post by ewavr might be interesting: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=156.msg26186#msg26186

Note that script currently is not able to get/set propcases that use more than 4 bytes, but this wouldn't be hard to add in lua. In the meantime, you could probably use eventprocs.
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Re: white balance (was off-topic Re: CHDK PTP interface)
« Reply #2 on: 03 / July / 2011, 10:08:23 »
thank you reyalp

i will look up eventprocs
i will be setting wb from the ptp interface and therefore will be using lua. still i could maybe temporarily patch up luascript to provide a routine to set wb will look into it

sorry about posting offtopic will take care in future


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