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A570 DOF

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A570 DOF
« on: 14 / July / 2011, 19:22:53 »
Using the A570 I can't seem to get the focus bracketing to work. I've tried all sorts of settings and nothing seems to work. I've read the docs but still zip. So, I must be doing something wrong. Trouble is, I don't know what it is, can anyone help?


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Re: A570 DOF
« Reply #1 on: 15 / July / 2011, 12:50:19 »
Yhese cameras have small sensors and small lenses, so their depth of field is very deep. Deep enough for you not to notice any effect on focus bracketing unless the settings are suitable. So focus bracketing often doesn't make much sense unless you're shooting closeups in macro mode (and then want to stack the background in focus too).

Try subj dist bracket value = 1, value factor (mm) = 100, bracketing type '+'. Then focus in macro mode to an object 10 cm away from the lens, with some scenery in the horizon. Things far away will be blurry,  object closeby sharp.

Then shoot in continuous mode, and you should see the object blurr pretty quickly, and it should be obvious even on the camera LCD, not just on a larger PC screen.


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