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About text reader and text files

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About text reader and text files
« on: 01 / August / 2011, 05:08:05 »
Hi there!

I use A470 firmware 1.00E (2008), but it may happen in other cameras; when I select "text file reader" to read script features before use, or "Altmengd" book, it always opens in "books" main folder. It could be nice to have text file window on the last opened directory and highlighted or selected that last opened file (but not open, since there is an option to open last opened file). In addition, I think "Altmengd" is a must-have, even in the case it is not anymore updated, since it is like an installed guide, similar to those help files in every software.

Anyway, thank you all for all your contribs, CHDK is one of the greatest thing I've seen in the last years


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