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very low iso powershot a540 /solved

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very low iso powershot a540 /solved
« on: 03 / August / 2011, 01:40:18 »
So i overid the iso to one with a value factor of 1 and in the exif data it says the iso is 2.  Is the iso actually 2 or is that just what is reported?  The default lowest is 80.  Also if i override the shutter speed will the exif data display the actual value or the value i wanted it to be?

The only reason for higher isos is if you would like a faster shutter speed right? Otherwise lower are better quality?  I suppose I will test the quality myself tomorrow but do you think there will be a difference between iso 2 and iso 80?

Thanks for any help.  This software is awesome.  

edit: from the guide it looks as though this may not be the actual value.  Is the only way to test the actual iso value is somehow checking the histogram?

edit 2: looking at the histogram the minimum seems to be 50.

edit 3: this page explains it.  But says 80 is the lowest iso.  but it seems like that is incorrect to me.
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