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Best CHDK Camera ? ( No reflex / Remote power / Exchangable Optic )

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Hi !

I'm interested in buying a camera specificaly for using with CHDK , i'm planning for to Pan / Tilt Timelapse so i need :

- The possibility to give external power
- a camera without a reflex mecanic  ( Timelapse will kill the mecanic )
- interchageable optic ?
- good electronic ( high iso possibility , and low noise )

The list of compatible camera look really big , any quick idea ?

Thanks a lot !

Re: Best CHDK Camera ? ( No reflex / Remote power / Exchangable Optic )
« Reply #1 on: 03 / August / 2011, 17:13:13 »
None of the powershot cameras have a mechanical reflex mirror - they are not SLRs. 

Supplemental lenses are not the best optics, but any model with a bayonet probably has a wide angle and telephoto attachment that can be added. 

The larger the sensor, the better performance in low light, in general, although noise suppression software plays a role as well. 

External power is not usually a problem. 

Personally, I think you should look into the A6xx series for several reasons

they use high capacity memory

you are not buying a dead battery and having to source a proprietary charger

for eventual 2K or less resolution, you don't need a 12 megapixel sensor

having multiple cameras might be better than putting all you eggs in one basket, so to speak

After a certain point, I hear that the later cameras didn't have a "Real" iris.... not sure about that but it may be something to look into. 

hope this helps


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