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Beginner Questions

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Beginner Questions
« on: 03 / August / 2011, 13:15:51 »
Hi all
cool forum, cool people, especially CHDK is great!
I want to ask some questions:
1. Where can I download motion detection - because the site link does not work?
2. How to work with Intervalmetar? Because load settings shooting only 1 frame but not as much as I asked him?
3. Is there a complete guide to working with CHDK and scripts?
4. Is there a script or an option for high-speed footage?
5. How to work with High-speed Flash Sync?
 This is roughly, if a complete guide I will be very grateful and will not ask you anymore.

Pre-many, really many thanks for their assistance.  ::)
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Re: Beginner Questions
« Reply #1 on: 03 / August / 2011, 18:02:13 »
Please tell us which camera and firmware version you are using and put it into your profile description!

Did you search the CHDK WIKI?

1 = Scripts can be found here for example and
2 = Which script are you using? Maybe script is outdated or Camera related problem
3 =, there is plenty of infos in wiki, else try Script Forum
4 = camera hardware must support highspeed, probably hardware limitation...
5 = dunno

Re: Beginner Questions
« Reply #2 on: 04 / August / 2011, 03:17:40 »
Sorry my photo is Canon Powershot S3IS with firmware 1.00a
Canon Poweshot S3IS


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