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CHDK on new IXUS Series

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CHDK on new IXUS Series
« on: 01 / March / 2008, 09:26:13 »
Hello togehter,
I would like to do a short travel at easter and therefor would like to buy a new camera.
but that's not easy, as i would like it to be small (i would even buy an eos or powershot, but my girlfriend doesnt want me to :) so it should be a compact one), to make raw-pics and maybe also have a mf.
now i found chdk and guys, what you are doing seems so great, that i'd like to know, why canon doesnt do that...

a little apitty is that there is no complete overview wich version of chdk does support wich camera and wich functions work on wich cam with wich chdk-port. maybe anyone could create this. maybe also, with wich cam testing is neccessary and so on, so maybe much more users would try chdk!!!

i would like to buy an ixus 960is but can anyne tell me if this cam is allready supportet by any chdk-port and wich functions work?

will i have raw, manual focus and what about longer shutter times, maybe even "bulb"-shutter-mode, is this supportet by chdk, and does this work with the 960is?

and if it doesnt wokr, will it soon, or would you advice another compact cam with high resolution where chdk works on?

before you tell me to use the searchfunction :)
i know the charts on: For Developers - CHDK Wiki and so on but i even found posts in the forum about cams not in this overview and other posts telling this charts are not up to date, so that's why i'm asking.

Thanks for your work and a lot of greets from germany,
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Re: CHDK on new IXUS Series
« Reply #1 on: 01 / March / 2008, 10:48:58 »
At present there doesn't seem to be even a firmware dump for the Ixus 960IS. Until there's such a dump, no-one can work on a port of CHDK, so I think you may have quite a wait.
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Re: CHDK on new IXUS Series
« Reply #2 on: 01 / March / 2008, 11:34:39 »
thanks a lot.
i even found some more information on the wiki (sorry, but it's really hard to find everything there)
so as written on CameraFeatures - CHDK Wiki the SD850 (IXUS950) is supported, is this the same as the ixus 950is or is there any difference?

i really think about buying the 960is and make a dump, but i don't know if i'm not to "stupid" for, as i read through the topics and even if i'm an electrical-interested guy who knows how-to use a torch and even uses it, i din't really understand everything...
Do you think a normal guy can make a dump of the firmware? as i'd love the 12megapixels of the 960is but even the features of chdk!!!
Will anyone then be able to make a mod of chdk for the 960is in a short amount of time?

Re: CHDK on new IXUS Series
« Reply #3 on: 14 / March / 2008, 20:18:52 »
I have got this camera! if someone can give some directions (ill be readon the wiki for this now) ill gladly help give a dump.


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