How to convert .CRW to .DNG for noobs

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    How to convert .CRW to .DNG for noobs
    « on: 17 / August / 2011, 06:40:13 »
    BEFORE YOU READ: This is for noobs who can't find a preset for their camera in DNG4PS2. There are some cameras (such as the Ixus120IS) which aren't yet supported/included, don't know why. This is a fix for you.

    Hey guys,

    I have been looking round the net for the past 3 hours trying to find a converter which will turn the RAW .CRW files on my Ixus 120 IS into .DNG.

    I tried RawTherapee (didn't work), the Adobe converters, Picasa and a few others which just didn't work. I them stumbled across this thread, in which the last poster fixed the problem:,5167.0.html

    First, download DNG4PS2 here:

    In DNG4PS2, you have to go into the settings menu and setup the parameters for your camera. I.e.

    (Under the Settings>Camera Options menu)

    Camera Name: Canon IXUS 120 IS ------ CHANGE TO YOUR CAMERA NAME
    Short Name: IXUS120IS                 -------CHANGE TO YOUR CAMERA NAME
    Sensor Size: 4080 x 3048               -------CHANGE TO CORRECT VALUES FOR YOUR CAMERA
    Jpeg Size: 4000 x 3000
    Active zone x1, y1: 52, 14
    Active zone x2, y2: 4052, 3014
    Black-white levels: 127 - 4095
    Mosaic type: Red, Green Green, Blue
    Bits per unit: 12 bit

    NOTE THE VALUES ABOVE ARE FOR MY CAMERA (The Ixus 120IS, which wasn't listed under a preset)

    (Under the Camera Types menu)

    Select YOUR CAMERAS RESOLUTION and select the profile you created above.

    Once you do this you can go back to the main menu, click on 'rescan' and it will show up with your files. Convert them and voila.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Re: How to convert .CRW to .DNG for noobs
    « Reply #1 on: 05 / September / 2011, 23:21:38 »
    Just for people that might find this through search:

    Settings which I found that work for ixus 100 / powershot sd780is are essentially the same except change the mosaic type to Green, Blue, Red, Green.



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