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Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly

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Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly
« on: 18 / August / 2011, 12:14:27 »
I am experiencing some problems with sunsetF16 script.
I found that this script is sometime taking photos irregularly.
I mean, that I set to take 600 photos / hour, but measured time between two pictures is irregular, not between every two pictures, it took for example 100 pics with interval 6s and 101pic with interval 13s and pic 102 with interval 7s and then in 6s.
Does anybody know where the problem is?
It makes my vids a little bit jerky.

Thanks a lot


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Re: Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly
« Reply #1 on: 21 / August / 2011, 03:39:40 »
It would sound that the script skips a frame completely if shooting the previous frame is not finished yet when the new frame is supposed to be shot. So, the solution is simply to only take, say 400 photos per hour. Or as an alternative, you can make sure a shot will not require more than 10 seconds in total darkness by limiting Tv to 10 s / 2 - SD write and imager reset time, i.e. somewhere around 3 seconds.

To get closer to 10 seconds with that frame rate, you would have to disable dark frame compensation (noise reduction that takes a second photo with the mechanical shutter closed) but you may not want that for image quality reasons.

If my memory serves, the sunset script that I've used (highly likely not the same version you're using, but surely related) doesn't skip frames like this, though). Don't know why yours does.

Re: Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly
« Reply #2 on: 21 / August / 2011, 14:04:43 »
thank you for the answer.
today I tried two new vids.

The first was dayscene with a lot of sun, but variable intensity so I tried sunsetF16 and I found another problem. Parametr was set 600pics/hour but the interval between 2 photos was 12s (should be 6s), so I tried to increase to 900 pics / hour but interval was still 12s. I think that script runing+taking photo is much more less than 12s (or 6s). I am confused by this script behavior.

The second scene was day to night sky, I must admit that I dont really understand how to set parameters of sunsetF16 correctly, so it is much more trial-and-error procedure. Half of photos of this timelapse were terribly blurred so I did some research and I have found that blurrenes was caused dew - condensed on my lens :-) but still pics was 15s exp / 1000 ISO which is not good, i would prefer longer exposure and lower ISO - I need to learn how to set parametrs of this script correctly.


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Re: Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly
« Reply #3 on: 21 / August / 2011, 16:09:13 »
If you are using AF, the camera could spend a long time trying to focus if there is condensation on the lens, or fail to shoot at all if it cant depending on the exact settings.

You should also make sure that the "review" after shooting is turned off.
Don't forget what the H stands for.

Re: Problem - SunsetF16 takes pics irregularly
« Reply #4 on: 22 / August / 2011, 00:23:44 »
OK, I think I can say, that I am upper "intermediate" in CHDK and timelapse ( 2 years experiences) - "review and autofocus are irrelevant for me (always of).
I am just wondering about script behaviour which is very strange. I would do more vids to recognize where the problem is or try another script.
But this disapponted me, because I made battery pack just for night shots a day-to-night time lapse :-/


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