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CHDK Internal Color Palette

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CHDK Internal Color Palette
« on: 01 / March / 2008, 16:20:25 »

I have  two questions....

1. Is the internal CHDK color palette based on some kind of existing standard palette?
2. Could you post the hex-codes for all neutral transparent effects from 0%- to 100%-opacity?
   (It's hard to decide in the visual settings, which transparent effects are neutral, at least for my eyes...)

Many thanks,



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Re: CHDK Internal Color Palette
« Reply #1 on: 01 / March / 2008, 16:31:40 »
1. What do you mean by "internal CHDK color palette"? CHDK does not change standard palette. Moreover, standard palette can vary, depending on current mode.
2. Heh... I do not know. I even do not know, how these transparent colors are calculated.

Are you going to draw CHDK-logo to show in camera? ;)
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Re: CHDK Internal Color Palette
« Reply #2 on: 04 / March / 2008, 11:30:58 »
Asking for a standard palette I thought of getting RGB or Lab or values of any other color model - instead of indices.
Actually I wanted to make a more complex 3D-grid - therefore I wrote a script for photoshop that generates a .grd-file
from any kind of raster image brought to an indexed color format. To test I started with a color table of black&white + 8 steps
of solid grey (that's what the CHDK OSD palette provides in grayscale at the moment) + one neutral transparent effect. Using dithering in the process of transformation the results are not this bad.Moreover I counted 28 neutral (or next to neutral - since they seem to affect the H- and S-values  in a negligable way), but to analyse their behaviour in order to build a color table 
(for transforming any raster image) that provides good look and  visibility under working conditions is not so easy. Anyway - the first problem is the maximum size of the gride file - it crashes. What are the limits here? Is vectorization the key?  (As far as the logo on startup for example is concerned - do you have the same few commands to draw the OSD as to draw grids, and what are the limitations in this case?



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