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High Speed Shutter Sync question?

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High Speed Shutter Sync question?
« on: 15 / September / 2011, 07:48:38 »
Hey there!

 Im using my G10 and a wonderful version of CHDK which was developed by waterwingz and a beta team just recently. (Thanks again!)

 My question is about the high speed shutter sync. Specifically I am wondering if it is possible to have a fast flash/shutter sync without going into the CHDK menu?

Now, I am setting the shutter speed by pressing the ALT button, then the MENU, then going into the "Extra Photo Operations" and changing the "Override shutter speed" and selecting the shutter speed that I want.

I wonder if its possible to just select the shutter speed in the regular camera shooting mode and have the flash sync at whatever speed I set?

Thanks... and sorry for the noobish question!


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