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the collaborative CHDK build

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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #80 on: 01 / August / 2008, 15:56:42 »
phew, longest committ comment ewavr, uhm, ever:

Changeset 461 - chdk - Trac

+ new OSD Element - Temperature

    * Enabled by default (optical temperature)
    * set in OSD Menu to either show optical, ccd, battery or ALL temps at once
    * position can edited in OSD Layout editor
    * thread about temperature: temperature sensors

+ video quality control added. when enabled (in video overrides), by the use of the up/down button you can increase or decrease movie quality OR bitrate (depends on what you enabled in the video override menu) - WHILE you are recording!
* changed Fast video control so that it isnt enabled at default, only works on a few cameras (pause and unpause movie by pressing left/right while recording) - needs further development
* when using fast video control switch and the pause function now the remaining time calculation is reset, so it reflects the change in bitrate faster
* changed a few default conf values (symbols now enabled at default, because symbol file now is served together with binary)
+ introduced new versioning system: 0.10 now, X.10 will be major release (and probably without bugs, with proper documentation, scripts, optimized etc), 0.X0 will be something like "new features, a bit ironing out etc", 0.1X will be just bugfixes and really small changes
+ added vers.req to svn, will be included in zipfile when autobuilded, will definitly be useful...
+ wrote two sample readmes, one for dryos, one for vxworks, they are included in the batch-zip-complete archives, in respect to OS version. these are just drafts, need input from you. yeah you heard me, from YOU!
+ added version.txt that will also be included in said archive, reflecting latest changes. it is not cleaned up as of now, probably never will be, but gives a rough overview over latest development
+ added ubasic statement case/select switch by CHDKLover from here: new statement for ubasic: select/case as of now i chose the "safe" method, the multi statement, due to people not reacting. hopefully they test it in this build so we can decide on one option!
* renamed get_movie_state to get_movie_status in ubasic
+ added command get_temperature (example: "get_temperature 0", 0 returns optical, 1 returns CCD and 2 returns battery temp)
+ added a few grids from the wiki
+ changed makefile bigtime: now with new command batch-zip-complete you now have an environment to compile a complete CHDK archive for each cam including binaries, readmes (according to OS), scripts, version history and so on. it is planned that the archive will be crammed with useful information (readmes, howtos - into the books folder), grids, scripts (working ones, universal ones, and also code fragments that will serve as examples), curves, symbols, fonts (copyright!?) and so on. as of now i just added a few of these, and some dummy texts so that zip file will accept the folders. again i need YOU to help on developing a good structure and good scripts, readmes and so on. with this build, people no longer need to sift through the wiki or the forum to find all the good stuff. at least i do hope so.
* changed random command, now you can supply two values min & max.

    example: "playsound random 3 6" will play the sounds 3,4,5,6 in random order (if repeated in a while loop)

+ added ewavrs sx100 patch from here: Changeset 460 - chdk - Trac (adjustable alt button)
+ added new command playsound. can and should be used from ubasic, via "playsound 0", where 0 is the startup sound. there are sounds ranging from 0 to 7, 7 being a nasty long beep. the first few sounds can only be played if they are NOT muted by the camera, the other beeps will be played though (cam must be unmuted though, didnt test it with the nasty error beep though i gotta admit). this feature will lead to many more features, for example anti theft protection together with DGs Disco lights ;)

    0 = startup sound, 1 = shutter sound, 2 = button press sound, 3 = selftimer, 4 = short beep, 5 = af confirmation, 6 = error beep, 7 = long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (nasty!)

* adjusted so that all cameras are in it now (defaulted to my s3is by the way, not that it should matter)

* adjusted memisosize on ixus860. soon gonna adjust the size of all cams, we're getting low on space ;)
* adjusted videotables on ixus860 (see patch from ewavr Changeset 455 - chdk - Trac
+ added whoever's fix for ixus950's touchwheel behaviour from here:,2024.0.html

* lng files (german & english), also copied to new folder CHDK\LANG (for gmake batch-zip-complete)

thanks to Ewavr, Hacki, reyalp, ljl, jucifer and all the guys hanging out in the irc chan ;)

ps: i hope i didnt forget anything or anyone.

p.p.s: introducing with this build we might actually have an autobuild server... wait and see in the forums...

thanks to all who participated. also i'd like to add that i didnt get it to include all great patches that were recently submitted - yet. i just had to check this code in because it was growing to huge and so on. also, juci wants to committ something, and he needed the committ for that ^^

edit: autobuilds provided by hacki here: Juciphox' Autobuild thanks!
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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #81 on: 01 / August / 2008, 18:49:27 »
Wow, neat additions! Someone put together a new page for your version on the Wikia at MoreBest Build Can anyone who is more familiar with all the new features help fill in the blanks so people like me can figure it out? There's so much to learn.

Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #82 on: 03 / August / 2008, 08:17:04 »
Looks like the video quality settings have been fixed on the sd870. The default of 84 now matches the canon default. And a quality of 60 should match canon's LP mode.


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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #83 on: 03 / August / 2008, 10:10:18 »
Now available:

Juciphox Autobuild

Many thanks to GrAnd, who provided the source code for trunk autobuild :)

Please consider this service experimental - if you run into problems, please send me a PM.



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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #84 on: 04 / August / 2008, 14:57:27 »
quick quality control has no visual feedback, i don't know what quality is set... it would be nice to see what we are doing :D, you should add actual quality to videotime calculator... just a suggestion...
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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #85 on: 04 / August / 2008, 15:18:32 »
yeah, visual feedback was planned. your idea sounds nice, will look into it!


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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #86 on: 04 / August / 2008, 15:31:08 »
when(/if (edit: not that you shouldn't upgrade ;)) upgrading from juciphox pre-0.2.0, delete cchdk.cfg


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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #87 on: 04 / August / 2008, 15:58:50 »

Why not use a macro in the source to set the name of the CFG to, say, jp{juciphox-version}.cfg ?
It would, of course, need to comply with the DOS 8.3 convention.
That would make loading an incompatible CFG impossible, and assure the 'old' one never gets clobbered.



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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #88 on: 04 / August / 2008, 16:49:34 »
nice idea, although i think this was the last time of such occurance.
well, when we merge to trunk, then this will happen again of course, but only once.
well, maybe not, because we rename it :D


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Re: the collaborative CHDK build
« Reply #89 on: 04 / August / 2008, 18:04:13 »
Just a quick note to say I've updated my PC-based CFG editor to match the latest build (adding the entries for temperature display for example). See An Editor for CHDK.CFG Files
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