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shoot vs shoot_full

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shoot vs shoot_full
« on: 27 / September / 2011, 04:47:18 »

the question: when would I possibly want to use shoot_full over shoot?
- both shoot and shoot_full autofocus before taking the picture
- autofocus can be disabled for both shoot and shoot_full with set_aflock

- shoot is reliable: shoot will wait until the camera adjusts the necessary settings (At, Tv, zoom, focus, flash)
- shoot_full is unreliable: I have to manually specify an interval between 'press shoot_full' and 'release shoot_full'. If the interval is too short, the camera doesn't take the picture at all (a590 IS).

My topic is related to a following topic (the discussion over whether to split the shoot_half and shoot_full buttons functionality or not):



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Re: shoot vs shoot_full
« Reply #1 on: 28 / September / 2011, 16:08:30 »
There is no shoot_full command. It's just a button name for press/release/click for use whenever shoot() doesn't allow the control you need.

In short, when shoot() does what you need, you should use shoot(). When it doesn't, you need to splice the shoot() command open by emulating button presses with press/release/click commands. Common examples of requiring this would be:
- to adjust propcase values (e.g. when set_tv type commands fail or confuse you or just aren't available for what you do) after exposure and focus are done, but before you shoot,
- not to release the shutter between shots (e.g. in order not to lose focus), and
- fast react motion detect spends most of its time with shutter half pressed, looking that the LCD. It full-presses the shutter when it's ready to do so (actually the MD command may do that for the script instead, but you get the idea).

Re: shoot vs shoot_full
« Reply #2 on: 30 / September / 2011, 17:09:44 »
Thank you for the answer fudgey.


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