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ohmy.. help me o.0 please?

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ohmy.. help me o.0 please?
« on: 02 / March / 2008, 16:51:49 »

Re: ohmy.. help me o.0 please?
« Reply #1 on: 02 / March / 2008, 16:56:06 »
and yes i have tried reading the tutorials on the chdk website. i really do not understand it... the website has stuff everywhere. its all so confusing!


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Re: ohmy.. help me o.0 please?
« Reply #2 on: 02 / March / 2008, 17:08:10 »

You need to find your camera's firmware version (internal software)... Follow the instructions here:


Next, there are three basic different, concurrent versions of CHDK (and others too)... "AllBest" contains some 90% percent of all of the features of several other major versions. Other versions have special functions and/or support for synchronous Stereo Camera shots, new camera support, etc.

Downloads - CHDK Wiki

So, once you know the Camera model number and firmware version, you can try Allbest first and see how it works for you--or if there is some specific feature, function, or camera type, choose one of the others.

From what I understand, all of the CHDK versions load the same way... Either by formating a SD/SDHC card with FAT16 format (must be forced for cards 4 GB or larger), copy the *.BIN file (for auto-boot) and *.FIR file (for manual loading) to the "root" or top directory on the SD/SDHC card, mark the SD Card bootable (windows program or CHDK option required to auto-boot CHDK), and throw the write protect switch on the side of the SD card (if you want auto-boot).

Even if you get the "wrong" CHDK program, or don't like the results/version--just turning off the camera will clear the CHDK program from memory. Nothing is changed/saved in the camera.



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