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renaming video files

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Re: renaming video files
« Reply #10 on: 12 / October / 2011, 20:46:33 »
I downloaded the most recent build for the 540- I think 9.9, 1206, not in the 1300 range. 

The latest version is 1361 on the CHDK Autobuild Server  ==> Download .  You might want to start with that ?
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Re: renaming video files
« Reply #11 on: 13 / October / 2011, 18:57:46 »
I downloaded the 1361 version on your advice.  No change.  Perhaps because "9.9- 1205-Aug 08/2011" is what the chdk message in camera gives me when I select build information from the chdk menu.

IE the web label and chdk message after installation do not match. 

For the time being I am out of luck being able to convert avi to jpg.

Aug 08 is quite recent, should have all the updates.  Although its build number is lower than that on the download site.


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Re: renaming video files
« Reply #12 on: 13 / October / 2011, 20:03:21 »
The file on the autobuild server is OK, it's from october. Make sure you unpack its content to the root of your sd card, overwriting the previous chdk files (don't forget the write protect switch on the card).

Re: renaming video files
« Reply #13 on: 13 / October / 2011, 20:42:51 »
Build 1361 is now on my card and working (540).  I tried one suggested script that might change the avi to jpg (suffix name ).  Got unrecognized character ">".

If anyone can suggest a script that I could try in my 540 to enable conversion of the avi name to a jpg name.


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