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Trackuino/Digic II/III

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Trackuino/Digic II/III
« on: 17 / October / 2011, 13:28:09 »
I have been running Trackuino on my a540.  The script is designed for digic III/IV.  My 540 is digic II.

The script works partly for me:  It will autofocus, and take successive user-defined number of photos; it will take photos and then switch to video.

However, it is intended to cycle through photos and videos, on my 540, the photos are taken; the video starts; but the video does not stop.  I have to remove the batteries.

I wonder if this is a digic/II/III  difference, or whether I might not be following the directions correctly.

Re: Trackuino/Digic II/III
« Reply #1 on: 11 / November / 2011, 05:16:21 »
Hey, this is Javi of trackuino here.

This is most likely a problem in the take_video function. Try adding some "log_printf"s around to get some debug info on the display. But I suspect the "get_movie_status" doesn't work on your camera so it gets stuck in the "while" loop. Try replacing that while with a simple sleep. That's just to give the SD time to flush.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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