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Eye-fi classic cards can send raw

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Eye-fi classic cards can send raw
« on: 20 / October / 2011, 19:17:40 »
My a540 can only handle standard sd not sdhc cards.  The second generation eye-fi cards are all sdhc.  the second generation transfers video and raw.  I find though that chdk allows me with my first generation Share card to use "jpg" as the suffix for my raw files.  When I shoot the double picture exposure of real jpeg and real raw, both immediately travel to my camera via wi-fi.  Of course I then have to rename the image as crw, and convert it with the free version of Photomatix.

If I could move the raw photo to the directory which is visible on the lcd camera screen, I would be able to protect it, which should send it to flickr.  (I am using Protect to select which photos will go to flicker).
When I use the option to put the raw photo in the same directory as the jpeg, the jpeg becomes invisible on the camera screen,  ie the jpeg is moved to the raw directory rather than vv.

So my question is whether there is a way to make my raw photo that has a jpg suffix appear on my camera screen so that I can Protect it?

Since a jpg suffix works with eye-fi, I would really like a way to also use jpg as my video suffix. Rename.lua does not seem to work with the a540.  Perhaps a digic II vs digic III issue?

For those of us who use eye-fi and sd cards only this is very important.

Re: Eye-fi classic cards can send raw
« Reply #1 on: 20 / October / 2011, 20:30:08 »
I have discovered a caveat to the above.  The raw file does go from camera to computer via wi-fi when both are in the same wi-fi zone.  When the raw file must go through eye-fi online though, I get Interrupted Upload messages with a png icon in the online eye-fi center.

So my method works at home, and  likely if the computer and camera are in the same wi-fi zone elsewhere.
But likely not if the camera is at Starbucks, and the camera at home.

Re: Eye-fi classic cards can send raw
« Reply #2 on: 20 / October / 2011, 21:05:28 »
Is there an individual file size limit when you go through "eye-fi online' ?  RAW files are quite a bit larger than JPG's.
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Re: Eye-fi classic cards can send raw
« Reply #3 on: 21 / October / 2011, 06:49:13 »
Flickr has a maximum size of 20 meg for a picture file.  I don't know about eye-fi servers.  I think my raw was only about 7 meg.
Actually eye-fi servers accept raw and video from 2x (sdhc) cards.  So I expect they are simply realizing that my renamed crw to jpeg is really not a jpeg.

In my home wi-fi set up, eye-fi ignores the servers and goes directly from card to computer.


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