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Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?

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Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?
« on: 23 / October / 2011, 02:44:55 »
With the new makefile approach for CHDK it would now be easy to have an 'ALPHA' status for new cameras/firmware versions in the autobuild.

By placing 'ALPHA' in the status column in the camera_list.csv file the system would create a version appropriately labelled (as it does now for 'BETA' versions).

CHDK-DE is using this and includes a number of camera and firmware versions that aren't available in CHDK.

What do people think about including ALPHA versions in CHDK?

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Re: Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?
« Reply #1 on: 23 / October / 2011, 04:17:36 »
With it we have had good experiences in CHDK-DE.

I think, it's better we provide an ALPHA version than we lose a porting. The user knows, this is a very early version. But he also sees what is possible.

We have some discontinued portings, e.g. Ixus105, Ixus130, SX210. Pity about this work.


Re: Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?
« Reply #2 on: 23 / October / 2011, 12:13:08 »
@philmoz : as you know,  I'm in favor of the idea.  It gives a developer somewhere safe to put things during the porting process without fear of people trying to use it as a functional port. And it does not result in a mad scramble later on when somebody tries to revive the code (remembering our efforts for the SD980 and A495).

Would you change the script so that ALPHA code is not build during the autobuild process ?

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Re: Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?
« Reply #3 on: 23 / October / 2011, 22:24:21 »
I'm for it, the only reason I didn't want to do this before was the hassle of dealing with all the different copy/build lines.
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Re: Should CHDK autobuild support 'ALPHA' versions?
« Reply #4 on: 24 / October / 2011, 04:46:17 »
Sounds like a good idea to me, but I'd like some advice about whether ACID should show alpha versions. If it did, then I think I should make sure there's a prominent warning that the build is ALPHA, but perhaps it would be safer not to show them.

ACID locates the download zips by scanning the html of the download pages for CHDK and CHDK-DE, so it would be helpful if I could know about any changes in syntax before they become live (that way ACID won't suddenly stop working).

On a related point, I keep the ACID tables up-to-date by running a daily program to check if there are new CHDK and CHDK-DE builds - it compares the tables ACID uses with the html on the two download sites. That program too will need modification of the syntax of the html changes significantly.
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